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Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1973 in accordance with the law numbered 5174. Our Chamber serves obout 1400 active member in its own building since 1986. It is stil managed by seven-person board of directors and twenty two-person assembly members.

Our Chamber worked hard within the enterprise for establishment of Organized Industrial Zone and proved important contributions for its present situation.

Biga Fair assumes a major role in terms of promotion and image of South Marmara's economic, social and cultural aspects.

Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the founding partner and/or stakeholder of the following organizations:

Biga Organized Industrial Zone,

Biga Special Education and Health Services Tourism Food Industry Trade Inc. (Kırkgeçit Thermal Facility),

Thrace European Union Business Development Center Inc. (ABİGEM),

Customs and Tourism Enterprises Co.Inc. (GTİ),

Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry also TR22 South Marmara Development Agency.

At a glance Biga:

Population: According to the census as of the year 2013 made with the address based population registration system;

County Center  : 47.600

Towns/Villages  : 45.500

TOTAL                    : 93.100 people.


Export    :,00 USD (2014)

Companies    : 1396 (2015).





Did You Know?

Biga meat is the best of Turkey,

You could not have been in Biga without eating Biga meatballs,

Biga is famous for milk, yoghurt, cheese dessert, trotter soup, walnut delight, cheese halva, tomatoes, rice, melon, pepper and beans.

Biga is famous for oil wrestling outfit 'kıspet' and its master İrfan Şahin is honoured by UNESCO,

Biga is famous for leather,

One of the Turkey's biggest private sectors; iron-steel factory (İÇDAŞ) and  furniture factory (DOĞTAŞ) are founded in the boundaries of Biga,

Biga is one of the counties which has too many villages,

Biga is in the position of the production center of milk, meat, chavez, flour, feed, vegetable and fruit. And this situation uncovers the statement which is used for the county 'Turkey's Netherlands',

Turkey's %1 of total milk production is done in Biga,

The most beautiful pickles, tomato paste, roasted kapya peppers are raised in Biga.

“Opportunity Window”


1 – What can you buy from Biga and sell to the world?

Meat, milk productions, flour, feed, processed leather, furniture, iron-steel, processed natural stone, marvel, canned vegetable and fruit, pickles, tomato paste...


2 – Do you want to invest in Biga?

Biga is the appropriate region for investment for the sectors: energy, sea port, agriculture and livestock. The enterprises for it;

       * Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry

       * Biga Organized Industrial Zone


3 – Do you want to have a real estate in Biga?

The square meters of land's price is changing between ten and twenty Turkish Liras to invest in Biga.