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Hisarcıklıoğlu and Minister Pekcan inspect Kapıkule Customs Gate and TIR Park PDF Print E-mail

Hisarcıklıoğlu and Minister Pekcan inspect Kapıkule Customs Gate and TIR Park


TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu visited the Kapıkule Customs Gate and TIR Park together with the Trade Minister, Ruhsar Pekcan.


Hisarcıklıoğlu, Minister Pekcan, Governor Canalp, Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan, TESK President Bendevi Palandöken, AK Party Edirne Province President İlyas Akmeşe, the ministry's general managers and customs officials were briefed on the works underway.


In her press statement, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said, “We are going to modernize all customs gates; we are going digital. We are going for a one stop system.”


Reporting that they are working to eliminate queues of trucks which begin to build up on Fridays and last well over into the next week at Kapıkule, Pekcan stated that these are caused by export transactions from Istanbul being processed on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Pekcan said, “We talked about increasing the capacity of the truck park. We talked about increasing the number of the fuel pump station which we can also do. Tomorrow will be our visit to Bulgaria. Turkey has Europe's most modern customs gate. We are going to modernize customs gates, we're going digital, we're going for a one-stop system.”


TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and Minister Ruhsar Pekcan visited the truck park, duty-free shops and x-ray unit and then received information from Yaşar Yaman Ocak, Thrace Customs and Trade Regional Manager.

To Whom It May Concern PDF Print E-mail

To Whom It May Concern


As you may know, on 15 July 2016, the democratically elected Government of Turkey was attemped to be overthrown by a fraction of the Turkish Armed Forces. The attempt was thwarted by th joint efforts of Turkish security forces staying loal to the elected government and the people of Turkey.


We would like to inform you that our daily lives and all fovernmental functions turned into normal after this regrettable attempt throughout the country. The Cabinet has declared a State of Emergency to shorten the normalization process and to stabilize the Turkish economy immediately. And, all necessary measures have been taken to restore a more business friendly economy in the upcoming period.


On the business side, all firms and factories are continuing their normal operations without any interruption. Customs procedures and all cammercial government services are operating normally without any delays.


It is our sincere belief that there will not be any instabilitiy in our country, and we will continue keeping our commitments to our business partners as before.


Prlease feel free to contact us, if you have any request


Best regards,


Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry

invest in Biga PDF Print E-mail

Historic mission for TOBB from the European business community PDF Print E-mail
TOBB has been unanimously elected as “permanent vice president” by the Union of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry (EUROCHAMBRES). A revolutionary decision, this is hailed as a great success for a non-EU member to achieve.​

TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that it is of historical importance that they’ve been elected to this position in EUROCHAMBRES which represents 44 European countries and expressed his pride on behalf of Turkey. Kosovo’s EURCHAMBRES membership was also announced to applause.

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) has achieved great success in Europe. The Union of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry (EUROCHAMBRES) has unanimously elected TOBB as “permanent vice president” beginning in 2016, a post previously held by Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

This is hailed as a great success for a non-EU member to achieve, putting it on the level with EU member countries. Following the election, it was regarded as a revolutionary decision.

The message of the President PDF Print E-mail

The message of the President


We leave behind us a summer which is full of hot and uncertainties. We are all focused on finding the answers of the questions about what we will experience in the last four months of 2015 and what we will encounter in 2016.

In all aspects, Biga is less affected by the negative situ­ations as a region. We are together with good people who have a culture of living together in this beautiful geography.

Biga, of course, is not an island that would be considered as an independent from Turkey and the World. Biga is affected by the negativities that have been experienced in our region and country, too.

We are increasing the productivity of agricultural and livestock products but we can not provide the growth that we expect as an added value. Every year we produce more consciously than the previous year but we can not be in a position of controlling our costs.

While this prosess is reducing our financial strength, we are looking cautious to the investments of the Biga’s agricultural industry that increase added value of agricul­tural and livestock products. We are slow to evaluate our own brand and know-how. Due to the extrapersonal uncertainties, we hesitate seeking the foreign financing for investments.

Peace comes first! being peaceful in Biga is not enough. We are worried about the events in our country and region. Maybe we will be affected in a bad way from our neighbor’s bad fortune but we know that our neighbor’s fire burn us too. The desired steadiness atmosphere can be provided by social peace.

Biga Organized Industrial Zone has become an important center of industry despite all negativities. The number of active firms has inreased and thanks to ongoing invest­ments there are no plot left. The pressure of enlarge­ment has started for the industry plots. The need of establishing a new expertise organized industrial zone is on our agenda now.

The energy investments increase not only as a nation­al but also regional by the companies which are in the investment stage and the ones which have started on investments or continue their investments.

The qualified personnel shortage is unable to meet the demands in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Espe­cially shortage of qualified technical personnel is a serious problem. We have been successful about directing our youth for being offical employee but we have to accept that we made mistakes while directing them for being production workers.

Biga Fair has become one of the important regional fairs in Turkey within a short span of ten years. This fair gives us hope and pride as a showcase of Biga. The people who are aware of Biga’s potential are constantly and rapidly increasing.

We are aware of our economical, social and cultural responsibilities about Biga. We work with this sense of responsibility. Our number of members has increased. Members are being institutionalized and the number of corporate members is increasing.

I briefly summarized the current state. We must calm down, intensify relations and communication. We must increase the power of association with constructive dis­cussions that will generate new ideas. The brand of Biga is very important and valuable for us.

Best regards…



Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chairman of the Board

Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry PDF Print E-mail

Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1973 in accordance with the law numbered 5174. Our Chamber serves obout 1400 active member in its own building since 1986. It is stil managed by seven-person board of directors and twenty two-person assembly members.

Our Chamber worked hard within the enterprise for establishment of Organized Industrial Zone and proved important contributions for its present situation.

Biga Fair assumes a major role in terms of promotion and image of South Marmara's economic, social and cultural aspects.

Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the founding partner and/or stakeholder of the following organizations:

Biga Organized Industrial Zone,

Biga Special Education and Health Services Tourism Food Industry Trade Inc. (Kırkgeçit Thermal Facility),

Thrace European Union Business Development Center Inc. (ABİGEM),

Customs and Tourism Enterprises Co.Inc. (GTİ),

Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry also TR22 South Marmara Development Agency.

At a glance Biga:

Population: According to the census as of the year 2013 made with the address based population registration system;

County Center  : 47.600

Towns/Villages  : 45.500

TOTAL                    : 93.100 people.


Export    :,00 USD (2014)

Companies    : 1396 (2015).





Did You Know?

Biga meat is the best of Turkey,

You could not have been in Biga without eating Biga meatballs,

Biga is famous for milk, yoghurt, cheese dessert, trotter soup, walnut delight, cheese halva, tomatoes, rice, melon, pepper and beans.

Biga is famous for oil wrestling outfit 'kıspet' and its master İrfan Şahin is honoured by UNESCO,

Biga is famous for leather,

One of the Turkey's biggest private sectors; iron-steel factory (İÇDAŞ) and  furniture factory (DOĞTAŞ) are founded in the boundaries of Biga,

Biga is one of the counties which has too many villages,

Biga is in the position of the production center of milk, meat, chavez, flour, feed, vegetable and fruit. And this situation uncovers the statement which is used for the county 'Turkey's Netherlands',

Turkey's %1 of total milk production is done in Biga,

The most beautiful pickles, tomato paste, roasted kapya peppers are raised in Biga.

“Opportunity Window”


1 – What can you buy from Biga and sell to the world?

Meat, milk productions, flour, feed, processed leather, furniture, iron-steel, processed natural stone, marvel, canned vegetable and fruit, pickles, tomato paste...


2 – Do you want to invest in Biga?

Biga is the appropriate region for investment for the sectors: energy, sea port, agriculture and livestock. The enterprises for it;

       * Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry

       * Biga Organized Industrial Zone


3 – Do you want to have a real estate in Biga?

The square meters of land's price is changing between ten and twenty Turkish Liras to invest in Biga.


Hisarcıklıoğlu in EUROCHAMBRES again by record vote PDF Print E-mail

Hisarcıklıoğlu in EUROCHAMBRES again by record vote



Turkey storms the European Chambers Union... The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu has been elected to the post of Deputy President of the European Chambers of Commerce and Industry with a record number of votes.?
Hisarcıklıoğlu won the votes of 43 of the attending 45 countries in the EUROCHAMBRES Plenary Assembly in Brussels. Hisarcıklıoğlu will be holding the office of Deputy President in EUROCHAMBRES, which represents 19 million establishments and an employment volume of 120 million in 45 countries, throughout 2012-2014.
EUROCHAMBRES member countries represent 37% of world economy with a total of 22 trillion dollars. The Union consists of 18 EU members and 27 Non-EU countries.
Stating the importance of the election of a Turkish member to the office of Deputy President to the most widespread representative of the business world of Europe in a time when negotiations between Turkey and the European Union have lost momentum, Hisarcıklıoğlu said;"The fact that the European business world unites behind a Turkish candidate with a record number of votes honors us. The strong image of Turkey's economy in a time when many countries are struggling with economic crises in Europe also strengthens the position of Turkish businessmen. This election is the recognition of Turkey's economy's strength in European business establishments. It is the proof of the Turkish economy's strength in Europe. We set ourselves a goal in 2002. We stated that we should take positions in the decision making processes of the international establishments of which we are members. My election to this office for the second time represents an important step towards this goal. EUROCHAMBRES elections show once again that the driving force behind integration with Europe is economy, it is the business world."EUROCHAMBRES passes on its findings from the "joint position" process with the participation of member countries' chamber and unions regarding economic developments and stances to European Union institutions. Turkey is represented in the 12 workgroups created for this purpose by TOBB.
The EUROCHAMBRES workgroups are:
1-       EU Enlargement / Neighborhood
2-       Europe 2020
3-       Small Business Act
4-       Free Trade
5-       Resources, Energy
6-       Resources, People
7-       Global Europe
8-       Innovation
9-       Digital Europe
10-     Internal Market
11-     Resources, Finance
12-     Smart Regulation


Biga Fair (11-13 September 2015) PDF Print E-mail

Biga Food Agriculture Stock-Breeding and Technologies Fair

11-13 September 2015


The chairman of Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Şadan DOĞAN mentioned that Biga Food Agriculture Stock-Breeding and Technologies Fair will be held on 11-13nd September in 2015 in Biga fair area.


Chairman DOĞAN expressed that with the aim of introduction of diverse industry products made in South Marmara, large-scale publicity organizations are set with the participation of lots of national and international companies, institutions and institutes, under the name of Biga Food Agriculture Stock-Breeding and Technologies Fair ’’ with Biga District, Biga Municipality, Biga Commodity Exchange and Biga Chamber of Agriculture, leaded by Biga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on the 20.000 square meters fairground in our district, with the aim of consisting brand consciousness and supplying the introduction of our district, one of the important agriculture, commerce and industry centers in the region, at all points and contributing to socio-economical activities of the district every year since 2006,


Chairman DOĞAN also said that the first of the mentioned activities were set with the participation of 83 firms, institutions and institutes on the date of 16th-18th of September.


The second one was set with the participation of 105 firms, institutions and institutes on the date of 15th-18th of September.


The third one was set with the participation of 94 firms, institutions and institutes on the date of 76th-19th of October.


The fourth one was set with the participation of 116 firms, institutions and institutes on the date of 03th-05th of October.


The fifth one was set with the participation of 126 firms, institutions and institutes on the date of 17th-19th of September.


The sixth one was set with the participation of 132 firms, institutions and institutes on the date of 16th-18th of September.

The seventh was set with the participation of 120 firms, institutions and institutes on the date of 21th-23th of September.

The eighth was set with the participation of 139 firms, institutions and institutes on the date of 20th-22nd of September.

The ninth was set with the participation of 130 firms, institutions and institutes on the date of 26th-28th of September.


Thanks to the activities conducted so far, the successful promotion of South Marmara, the products made in South Marmara and the services were provided.


Chairman DOĞAN enounced that the aim of the fairis gained and with the renewed vision a contract is signed with Renkly Fair and organization Services Inc. Biga Food Agriculture Stock-Breeding and Technologies Fair has taken a part in Turkey Fair Guide and thus we will have a great promotional opportunities in Turkey and the worldwide.  




Announcing Turkish export products and offers

Online monitoring

Online search

Sending monthly bulletins including offers to 2700 economy and trade points abroad by e-mail.


Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey


Foreign Economic Relations Department

Turkey Fair Guide PDF Print E-mail

According to TOBB Law (No 5174); our Union is assigned to analyse and determine applications about fairs in Turkey, and to give “Certificate of Authority” to fair companies. 

Our Union has been carrying out this duty within the context of “The Procedures And Principles Regarding Organizing Fairs In Turkey”

The main objectives of these Principles are to develop fair sector in line with the general interests of the Country and sector, to make the sector attain global standards and within this context, to provide arrangements of fair activities to be made by competent companies within a program in appropriate fields.

With the purpose of effective and comprehensive promotion of the fairs in Turkey and considering the need for a source that can be used during the year, our Union annually publishes and distributes “Turkey Fair Guide”.



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